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# Installation
# Package com.tickaroo.sdk
Add Maven repository
SDK for integrating Tickaroo features into your apps.
to your project and
to the dependencies of your app.
# Javadoc
# Integration
First you have to initialize `TickarooEmbedManager` by invoking the default constructor. This has to be done exactly once. For your `TickarooEmbedManager` you have to provide an implementation of `TickarooEmbedManagerDelegate`.
# Styling
The following four colours can be overridden in the resources:
- tickaroo\_primary\_color
- tickaroo\_primary\_color\_dark
- tickaroo\_accent\_color
- tickaroo\_accent\_color\_dark
By default the primary colours are green and the accent colours are orange.
The following four fonts can be changed to any standard android font family by overwriting the values in res/values-v16/strings.xml
- font\_family\_medium
- font\_family\_light
- font\_family\_black
- font\_family\_regular
By default these are set to the corresponding sans-serif font families, normally Roboto. The comic font can be replaced by a custom font file in assets/fonts. The file name is specified by the string font\_file\_comic
Additional settings can be found in res/values/config.xml
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See [Tickaroo Developer Documentation]( for detailed usage guide.
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......@@ -142,7 +142,7 @@ public class SampleActivity extends Activity {
public void onClick(View v) {
ITickerWriteVideoClipRef videoRef = new TickerWriteVideoClipRef();
TickarooSDK.requestIntentForRef(SampleActivity.this, videoRef, new TickarooSDKRefCallback() {
public void callback(@Nullable Intent intent) {
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